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Gerty was brought up on a farm with horses, cattle and sheep. Her Dad was a horse breeder and so she understood the skills involved in producing young horses and matching them to clients from a young age.  Gerty has been involved with Irish Sport Horses all her life.

 Irish Sport Horses

We breed Connemara, Irish Draught and Half-bred sport horses and cobs. We also purchase some of the best young Irish horses and cobs and along with our own, school and produce them to make Hunters, Trekking Cobs, Riding School Horses, Show jumpers and Competition Irish Sport Horses.

Our Facilities

Our training yard is equipped with everything necessary to give our horses the very best start in life, including dedicated staff and superb riders. Our commitment is to produce confident and capable competition Irish sport horses

Why Choose Irish Sport Equine?

All horses produced by us have a wide range of experience. We school all our horses over x-country fences, ride them in traffic, hack out in groups both in fields and on the roads, as well as riding out alone.  During the hunting season our horses are hunted regularly with the Laois Hunt.  Here at Irish Sport Equine, we value our reputation very highly!


  • We supply good quality, genuine horses.
  • We know our horses’ personality before they’re sold and we will do our upmost to match our horses with a suitable owner.
  • All our horses are schooled on the flat, over coloured poles, and cross- country fences, as well as, on the road.
  • Our horses are accustomed to traffic as we live on a farm where horses see a variety of farm machinery.
  • Our horses are groomed, handled and ridden daily.
  • We have a proven track record for selling quality Irish horses worldwide.
  • We offer an after sales service, where we will exchange the horse within 30 days, if you are not satisfied.


My 'one in a million'

Before buying Vicky, I had a hunting pony that had been recommended by a friend. I tried him….hacked him up a busy bypass, rode across open fields, cantered, jumped and worked him in the school. When collecting him, I was a little concerned when the Chifney came out…..but that was the least of my troubles. After 3 days at home he started to nap. Day 4, he wouldn’t leave the yard. Day 5, he pinned me in the stable. Day 7, I was in hospital with a broken arm. So where do you go after such an buy a horse that you’ve never sat on, from someone you don’t know, from a country you have only visited on a handful of occasions!
I saw Vicky advertised on Horse Quest. She was everything I wasn’t looking for. A coloured, cob, mare! But I was so taken with her video and, after a long conversation with Gerty, I put my name on her.
After a week of sleepless nights, nose bleeds and hoping she’d fail the vet, Vicky (now called Vicky Pollard, on account of her chunkiness) arrived. I can’t exactly say it was love at first sight. Stabled next to my L.W. 15.2hh T.B. she did look a thumping great lump. I felt compelled to wear a bum sticker saying “my other horse is a thoroughbred”. But despite Gerty telling me she was not a first horse, she has given me my confidence back. She is a poppet to hack; HGV’s, trains, roadworks, traffic lights, pneumatic drills, even crisp packets and pigeons (yes, “my other horse is a thoroughbred”). My 77 year old father has hacked her out on a loose rein and I have led my boy from her. She is an absolute workhorse, has loads of presence on the flat and loves her jumping. She’s not without her quirks. She’s a sensitive mare and we’ve had a few nerve related moments, but considerate handling has seen her grow in confidence and our bond develop. She never says NO.
So after exactly 12 months with me I can safely say Vicky Pollard is everything I was looking for AND MORE. She is a credit to Gerty and her team and I’m a coloured cob convert.
I could wax lyrical about Pollard all night, but what about Irish Sport Equine? In a world where we tend to turn the simple into a three act play, the daunting process of buying a horse was made easy; from the production of a comprehensive video to the professionalism of the hauliers. Lucky? Maybe! But if I ever need a new steed, Irish Sport Equine would be my first port of call.

Belinda Heppinstall

Ultra Professional

Got my connie from Gerty 3 weeks ago; never thought I would buy a horse this way. I found Gerty and the transport people (Eric Ghillie) super-professional and made the whole process easy and seamless. I am over the moon with the horse who is exactly as described. Wish I had discovered Gerty years ago; could have saved myself a lot of money/heartache and broken bones(!)buying the wrong horse(s). Would definitely recommend/definitely be back if I am looking to buy again (though my new boy has a home for life).

Susan Munro

Highly recommended

I would highly recommend purchasing a horse from Gerty. I took the plunge in September 2016 and decided to purchase Silver a 15.2 Conemara. I have to say I have not looked back!!! He is a very sweet natured little man who always gives 100%. When he arrived he took a week or so to settle however he is now most definitely part of the family. We have been working on his flat work and look forward to an enjoyable season now in 2017. Thank you for everything.

Gemma Greene

Highly recommend

I saw an advert for a 14.2 dun mare and really liked the look of her. Then looked at the website. I would never think to buy without seeing a pony first but after having a chat on the phone to Gerty I thought she sounded like a perfect match for my 12 year old daughter. She is everything that Gerty described and we have been really pleased with her. She has such a lovely attitude to look after and to ride.

I would recommend buying a horse from Gerty.

Katy McKeogh

Irish Sport Equine Pony

In January 2016 I was looking for a pony to join us at home and live alongside my son's pony. I wanted a super safe gelding who would be suitable as a mother and son share. I'd had a bad experience with a previous pony and so buying un tested off a website was a complete leap of faith ! I watched the video for Ardlea Pumpkin and read his review and he appealed to me instantly. I emailed Gerty and then we spoke on the phone several times and she was very sympathetic to my worries and assured me he was a lovely pony. Gerty arranged a five stage vetting and I decided that I would have him ! We have now had Pumpkin for a year and what a fantastic year it has been, I hack him out alone and with my son, he has a real 'can do ' attitude and is very keen to please. He has excelled at dressage and we have had numerous wins including championship classes at Hickstead. He has competed in showjumping , one day events, combine training and recently arena eventing. He is a joy to own, easy to handle and we all could not love him more !

Emma Storm

Thank you Gerty

I contacted Gerty after searching endlessly for a pony that would suit my children and I . I came across Irish Sports Equine on Facebook and after reading all the testimonials , got in contact . I explained to Gerty I was a novice rider and needed a calm , easy going pony , that was well schooled and liked to hack out and have fun . Cornflake ( We call her Flake ) is 5 and a half , really pretty and is exactly as Gery described . My girls and I have completely fallen in love with her and ride her every day . She was vetted in Ireland and brought over to the Uk , everything is done for you ! Thoroughly recommend Irish sports equine .Thank you Gerty !

Giselle Griffiths-Bailey

Honest, Proffessional, Exceptional, Amazing

I have recently 1 week ago, had the pleasure of receiving our new horse/pony Tasty Mel who is now called Henry. I would recommend whole heartedly that anyone intending on buying a pony/horse buy one from Gerty. He was vetted in Ireland which I organised and delivered 2 weeks later. She took him for me to get vetted. I had never met him only in videos and pictures. He is amazing and has coped well with all aspects his travelling, his new home the different noises and language and accent. He is now being schooled and excercised daily and has been out on our busy Manchester roads. He has been clipped with no bother and Gerty was honest to tell me he doesn't like the farrier and his feet being messed with. He is getting used to this slowly and has done amazingly well. We are so pleased with our purchase and would recommend Gerty without a doubt. She kept in contact throughout the process and was their to answer all my worries. We now own a fantastic pony/horse. Thanks so much James

James Purcell
James Purcell

Extremely knowledgeable with fantastic eye for a horse

We bought Max unseen from Gerty in October 2016 after we couldn't find what we were looking for in the South East of England. It was very unnerving to buy unseen and many people advised not to. But a couple of friends had bought from Gerty and based on the extensive video of Max and numerous phone calls and e mails I made to Gerty I just had a sense that this was the pony for us. We have had Max 6 weeks at the time of writing this. The stand out thing about him is his amazing temperament and that I completely trust him with my 10 year daughter. And she already completely loves him and they are developing an amazing bond. We have a winter of lessons, pony club rallies, schooling rounds and clinics planned before starting the pony club eventing season in the spring so the timing is perfect. Not only is Max very good and steady at the low level stuff he also has a lot of jump and talent in him that we can tap into as my daughter progresses so he's going to be with us a long time. Max is a very special pony and we feel very privileged to have him. Thanks for your support Gerty and for your amazing eye for a good pony!!

Josie Jordan

Irish sport horse

II was looking for a good looking gelding but importantly a horse with a kind nature. Roger is everything you have said and much more. I had lost my confidence and Roger has accepted all by bad nervous errors until I felt got myself back on track. Thank you Gerty..
Tracey hall

Tracey hall

My Dream Horse

If you had told me a few months ago that I would buy a horse off the internet without even trying him I would have said you were mad!! However, after watching the video of Sam so many times, I decided to call Gerty. We had a long chat and she assured me he was everything I was looking for (something gentle, quiet and kind). Gerty also told me to speak to one of her other clients, which I did and that really put my mind at rest. So I bought Sam, and I absolutely love him, he is everything I wanted in a horse. I would definitely recommend Irish Sport Equine, Gerty made the whole purchase and transport process so easy.


2 superb mares

We live in Switzerland and bought two horses from Gerty - unseen! Both mares are exactly like she described them on her webpage. Two so cool and lovely mares! Rosie is now 10 months with us and she's making us happy every day! Although she's only five years old even my 9 year old daughter can hack out with her easily. She is safe but also fun and very forward going. Fanta just arrived a few weeks before but she's one of the easiest and coolest horse in our stable already. We will and would buy a horse from Gerty again anytime!

Tina Gmür

I saw an advert for a 14.2 dun mare and really liked the look of her. Then looked at the website. I would never think to buy without seeing a pony first but after having a chat on the phone to Gerty I thought she sounded like a perfect match for my 12 year old daughter. She is everthing that Gerty described and we have been really pleased with her. She has such a lovely attitude to look after and to ride.

I would recommend buying a horse from Gerty.

Katy McKeogh

My perfect match

I knew I wanted a dun Connemara and after a quick search online I came across Gerty's website. I saw a few of her videos and was instantly taken with the way she sells, the extensive video and the exchange policy. Against everyone's advice I bought Freddie unseen as a just turned 4 year old. He was exactly as described. He was green, what 4 year old isn't? But he is safe, honest, and most importantly we have had so much fun in just 15 months together. I hope to event him next year and I don't think he'll disappoint. Wouldn't hesitate to go back to Gerty in the future.

Jo White

Gerty is the perfect matchmaker ?

If your looking for a perfect match go to Gerty I was ready to give up after a bad fall last year I couldn't find anything to match my old boy had lots of "unsuitables", now thanks to Irish Sport Equine and Gerty I have another perfect boy, a million thanks is not enough

Maureen Rice

I bought my boy from Gerty a year ago and haven't looked back! He is my dream horse a one in a million ! I'm from London so never came to see him I had only seen the pictures and video of him but knew he was worth taking the chance for as I would never had brought a horse with out viewing it ! But he was worth the risk all day long and I would only come to Gerty for another horse as I compleatly trust her to find the perfect one . We compete every weekend and always coming home with red ribbons . I cannot thank Gerty enough for reassuring me and giving me the best horse I could of ever wished for !

Louise martin

Fantastic horses and cobs

I found Gertie's website after wasting a huge amount of time searching for safe riding horses for valuable clients.  We were also desperate to replace popular riding school horses and I cannot speak too highly of the fantastic horses and cobs which have arrived from Ireland. I have only very happy customers and only recently received a large bouquet of flowers from France from a very happy first time horse owner all thanks to Gertie. On a personal level I have been in business for over fourty years and am pleased to work closely with Gertie whose horses are everything she described them as if not better !!

Gerry Dunnej

The perfect horse

Searching long and hard for the 'perfect' horse, which in my head was a 16.3hh Dutch Warmblood. I became so disappointed that every horse I tried was not as described and I then came across Gerty's site on Horsequest. After a whole night of watching all the unedited videos of the current horses for sale , I phoned Gerty first thing in the morning. After a long chat she thought Sweetie would match me really well and also happened to be the cheapest! Much to my husbands delight! I was a bit worried about buying without trying and spent hours online searching for anything negative about Irish Sport Equine and couldn't find one negative comment! That confirmed in my head that I would take a gamble and Orla (as we later named her) arrived and has been 'as described' since arriving in the UK 6 months ago. After a 6 year break from riding, she's brought on my confidence and we've been on many fun rides, on holiday, and explored most of Somerset together. Couldn't have bought a better horse. I then recommend ISE to my friend who went on to buy a lovely boy who again has been completely sane and lots of fun. Thank you Gerty for finding my forever horse.

Fiona Pople

Found a great pony at Irish Sport Equine

I bought a 14.2 Connemara cross gelding in 2015 having only viewed him on the website and briefly emailed Gerty with a few questions. He has proved to be a very well behaved pony in the stable, to clip, bath, catch, in traffic, everything as they said. He rides well and is well behaved with others too. I have ridden for a number of years so am experienced. If you are not then I would suggest getting advice about what would suit you. You need to be honest about your experience to make sure you are matched to something suitable.

sandra lawrence

Fantastic service fantastic horses

I bought my Hero in September 2014, he was everything Gerty said he was, fantstic temperment fantastic horse, my experience with Gerty was proffesional and friendly, Gerty listened to my life story and all my he must be, his must nots lol and she recommended Hero, sooo very happy with the service and horse i got! So much so 4 of my friends have bought horses from Gerty! One very happy lady, thank you Gerty, love Julia Merriman

Julia Merriman


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