I bought Bee from Gerty in August 2017, gave her a little holiday and started working with her in October. She won her first dressage comp in November 17 and has just quietly grown in confidence and gets better and better. She is much loved and has a huge personality, always rushing around playing, she is genuine, kind and extremely clever. This year, in her first proper season competing she has won dressage, show jumping, eventing and showing. She has been to Riding Club National Champs, Trailblazers Champs, qualified for and won BCPS Eventing League Championships and also qualified for British Dressage Native Pony Champs which are coming up. She has jumped clear xc and been placed or won at every ODE I have done with her this year, despite being green, as she is so honest. She now has Pony Club team jumping to do with my daughter and then will have a well deserved rest in the winter. Not that she will be pleased about that as she loves to keep busy!! I also have another connie bought from Irish Sport Equine who is showing real talent, so hopefully he will follow in Bee’s hoofprints!

7th October 2018