Thank you Gerty and the team at ISE for supplying Keith . The whole process from my initial email enquiry to find a big horse was very easy and from the original suggestion of Beauty and Keith we chose the latter being 16.2 and likely to grow on. We looked at all the many photos and scrutinised the video and decided to proceed with a full vetting which I am pleased to say he passed with flying colours. The vet even remarked on what a fine upstanding young horse he was.
Due to an impending holiday I asked how soon you could get him to me here in East Sussex and to my amazement he was collected the next day and arrived on my doorstep at 8 am , less than 38 hours after the vetting finished!
He arrived calm and in good condition and soon settled in. As advised on your web site, we rode him the following morning and we were shocked at how well he went. He was light in the hand and had natural carriage and outline and went sweetly in walk trot and canter. He really tried and he felt totally unspoilt which was fantastic. We finished off by hacking him round our local lanes and he met our local fox Hounds on exercise and he didn’t bat an eyelid an was much admired .
In short we are incredibly grateful to have found our dream horse and had so little fuss with the whole process. We were a bit disillusioned by buying through a dealer due to being let down previously and it goes against the grain to buy a horse unseen other than video etc but I can recommend it. I would definitely buy another from Gerty and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. This horse is accurately described and has a lovely temperament and is better than we could have hoped for.
Thanks again Gerty.

3 august 2018
Helen wilkinson