After looking for ponies and horses for months and months, loosing my confidence in finding the right pony for me and in private sales, we started thinking about dealers. For a few weeks on and off I researched about dealers in England but as none were up to a good standard, I found a recommended dealer in Ireland. But as this was my first pony I thought it was a bad idea to buy a horse unseen, but we were getting nowhere with private sales, so we researched Irish Sport Equine and decided to give Gerty a call. We told her exactly what we were looking for with a thought in our minds that she would say that what we were looking for was thin on the ground and unavailable, however she recommended three horses to us, I was spoilt for choice and couldn’t decide! However after one full day of deciding we narrowed it down to two ponies. We called Gerty and out of the two ponies, Rum was most suited to me. A vet check was then arranged and after 1 week and a half, he arrived at our yard in a huge horse box. As our yard was too small to allow the box to enter, we resulted to off loading onto the quiet road, Rum off loaded like a dream as well as the pony in front of him. I then lead him onto the yard and into his stable. He was fairly nervous and on edge like all new horses are but after 2 days he was so settled and we all just fell in love with him. I’ve had him for 5 days and he is exactly what Gerty told us he would be and more, I love him so much and I’m so glad we waited because he truly is the perfect horse for me. Gerty really has a nack for finding the right horse for you. I would recommend Irish Sport Equine to anyone everywhere as it really is an amazing place with amazing horses.