After much UK searching we decided on a ISE pony for our daughter and after describing what we were looking for Gerty expressed concerns he may be a little too sharp for our daughter. Having watched the video many times we’d all fallen in love and Gerty respected our decision. He arrived, was lovely, but the yard, whom we’d recently moved to, who had assured us they had year round turn-out in reality turned their horses out about 3 hours a week for 6 months of winter. All the horses were going bonkers (our pony much calmer than most) on a Saturday morning and when I discussed with Gerty she was really supportive and suggested we move the pony to another yard ASAP. We did and he was much happier having daily turnout but in the end Gerty was right – he was just a bit too much of a competition pony for our daughter. One message to Gerty and she immediately suggested we swapped him for a quieter mare. The swap could not have been easier and we now honestly have the most perfect pony for our daughter. Gerty was such a support and guided us through through the whole process with her kindness, knowledge and honesty. I would recommend anyone looking for a pony to speak to Gerty.