Searching long and hard for the ‘perfect’ horse, which in my head was a 16.3hh Dutch Warmblood. I became so disappointed that every horse I tried was not as described and I then came across Gerty’s site on Horsequest. After a whole night of watching all the unedited videos of the current horses for sale , I phoned Gerty first thing in the morning. After a long chat she thought Sweetie would match me really well and also happened to be the cheapest! Much to my husbands delight! I was a bit worried about buying without trying and spent hours online searching for anything negative about Irish Sport Equine and couldn’t find one negative comment! That confirmed in my head that I would take a gamble and Orla (as we later named her) arrived and has been ‘as described’ since arriving in the UK 6 months ago. After a 6 year break from riding, she’s brought on my confidence and we’ve been on many fun rides, on holiday, and explored most of Somerset together. Couldn’t have bought a better horse. I then recommend ISE to my friend who went on to buy a lovely boy who again has been completely sane and lots of fun. Thank you Gerty for finding my forever horse.