What Muppet buys a horse untried? Me! Twice! I bought my super talented Vicky ‘Pollard’ three years ago as a general all-rounder and more recently the ‘Saint’ Jasmine for my 78 year old father to hack and hunt. I can’t say either haven’t had their moments. Pollard loves to worry and needs sensitive handling, but Gerty did make it abundantly clear she was ‘not a first horse’. Jasmine on the other hand is as ‘bombproof’ as they come, albeit less advanced in her schooling. But, when you have two of the kindest, most honest mares who are constantly on your side and never want to argue, continuing their education is an absolute pleasure.

Both mares are as described and suitable for jobs beyond the ones they were bought for. Pollard is now going British Eventing and Jas recently won her first introductory dressage test. Thank you Gerty and your team. I wouldn’t buy a horse from anyone else!

March 2019